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Introducing the MET: Your Gateway to Art and Community Engagement

26 June 2023

Looking inside the mobile event tent from the entrance way showing a seating area

Imagine a vibrant, mobile arts centre that brings culture right to your doorstep. That's exactly what the MET (Mobile Event Tent) is all about!

This innovative and versatile space is designed to ignite creativity, foster connections, and empower diverse communities to embrace the arts in all their magnificent forms.

The MET is partnering with the communities of Ribbleton to co-produce a month-long event programme through July, taking residency at Ribbleton Morrisons Car Park. With the ability to transform into a captivating auditorium, complete with seating for up to 100 spectators, this mobile marvel becomes the perfect stage for performances, music, theatre, meetings and films.

But that's not all the MET has to offer. When the seats are cleared, this dynamic space expands into a vast open area, spanning an impressive 12 x 12 meters. This versatile setup is ideal for lively dance performances, community meals that bring people together around shared tables, and engaging workshops that nurture creativity and skills development. The possibilities are endless within this adaptable space.

Martin Wood, Operations Manager at Ribbleton Morrisons, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating:

"We are thrilled to collaborate with the MET and bring this animated mobile arts centre to Ribbleton Morrisons car park. It's exciting to witness this innovative space transform and provide opportunities for our community to engage with the arts in all their magnificent forms. We believe that the MET's commitment to co-production and skill development will empower individuals and leave a lasting impact on our community."

Rows of red chairs in the seating area inside of The MET

What truly sets the MET apart is its mobility. By taking culture on the road, this mobile events tent reaches out to communities far and wide, bridging gaps and breaking barriers. It moves beyond the confines of the city centre, venturing into neighbourhoods where cultural opportunities are low. By bringing the arts directly to communities of disadvantage, the MET ensures that everyone has a chance to participate, to learn, and to be inspired.

At the heart of the MET's mission is a commitment to co-production and skill development. Together with local communities, the MET will collaborate to create a vibrant month-long program that reflects the diversity of its surroundings. This collaborative approach empowers individuals, fosters a sense of ownership, and leaves a lasting impact on the places the MET visits.

A photo of The Mobile Event Tent from above at Preston's UCLan campus

Following the success of last year's pilot programme in the city centre and at University Square, the MET embarks on an even more ambitious adventure. Partnering with the communities of Ribbleton, the MET will co-produce captivating events that celebrate identities and stories, creating a series of cultural experiences that will resonate with residents and visitors alike.

After its first outing in Ribbleton, the MET will return to UCLan Square this September for a jam-packed month of brilliant events. Stay tuned for more details on the Visit Preston webpage.

Join in on this extraordinary journey as the MET unlocks the power of art, brings communities together, and creates unique memories.

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Map address for The MET

Morrisons Car Park Ribbleton, 88-91 Blackpool Road, Ribbleton, Preston, PR1 6US